REMIND Church Communications

REMIND is a messaging platform that will enable our church family to stay connected.  Through REMIND we will be able share prayer requests, reminders, announcements, updates, etc. much easier.

How to Join / Signup

To join our REMIND group, first decide if you’d rather receive notifications from the church through text messages, e-mail, or both.

To receive text messages only:  Fill out the entire form but leave the E-MAIL field empty.
To receive e-mail notifications only:  Fill out the entire form but leave the CELL PHONE field empty.
To receive both text messages and e-mails:  Fill out the entire form.

Why use REMIND?

One of the great benefits of using REMIND is that we can create groups with in it and send messages, reminders, or announcements to just certain members who are part of a ministry team within our church. For example, we can send a reminder to just our deacons that there is an upcoming meeting.  The purpose of doing this is so we can become more efficient in staying connected as a church family as well as eliminating all the group texts we’ve created in the past.

Please note that the REMIND platform will NOT send messages to your home phone.